Our Board


To receive, raise, earn and maintain a fund or funds, and to use the income there from for educational, health or social purposes within the Province of Ontario and to promote the health, social, recreational, and character development of people of all ages.


Banyan’s Boards of Directors are committed to ensuring the Banyan Group of services achieve a balance in meeting the needs of stakeholders in an effective and responsible manner.


We emphasize an outward vision encouraging diversity in viewpoints, but speaking with one voice.   The Boards’ focus is strategic leadership rather than administrative detail with a clear distinction between Board and Chief Executive Office roles.


We are committed to best practices and transparency in all aspects of the Boards’ work and operations.



Board of Directors

  • Jackie Barrett
  • Kerry Duench, Chair
  • Danielle Prashad
  • Ted Sheehan
  • Tom Vejvalka
  • Mike Worster
  • Donna Zan
  • Maria Zegarac, Vice Chair & Treasurer
  • Kim Ciavarella, Board Secretary and Chief Executive Officer